Running Through Life shirts are now available! The cost of the shirt is $15+ shipping.

Not only is there a lot of excitement about the way the shirts look, but the greatest aspect is what the shirts will support. 100% of the profits from the shirts will go to support Larisa’s trip. Hopefully you are encouraged about getting an awesome shirt, while supporting an amazing person and a great trip. To get more information about the trip, check out the page; Larisa’s Trip


To order a shirt you can click on one of the images below. You can email me and I will have one sent to you immediately:

3 thoughts on “Shirts

  1. Tommy, I wrote to Larisa and told her we would like to buy two shirts for $50.00 each! Is this possible? Just let me know how we can go about doing this. Thanks. Hope all is well at school. -Rich P.

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