The Story

On what was intended to be a normal and uneventful run, my heart was significantly pounded by the Holy Spirit. While running I noticed I was the first person to run the trail that morning, I could tell because I noticed I had left the first and only set of footprints on the trail. I began to ponder what my footprints would tell those who traveled the trail later in the day. The Holy Spirit then pushed me to think about my life and what kind of footprint I was leaving behind.

Over the next few years I began to read through the Gospels and was amazed at the number of stories where characters never have their names mentioned. Often forgotten about, these individuals have valuable lessons to teach us. This book is my attempt to tell their stories and to show you the footprints they left behind. As you walk by and observe their footprints, my desire is that you will be challenged to ponder the footprint you are leaving behind.

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