Oh yeah.

Last week was a bit rough in terms of training. As planned, the mileage and intensity dropped. But, for some reason as my body recovers from the months of training it has a habit of feeling a little more sluggish in the final tune-up to the race. While I trust my training and am confident in what I can do on the race course, last week was filled with thoughts of “oh no.”

However, this morning I finished a calm and easy 7 miles. My splits were fairly sporadic – though I know my mind was thinking about next week and I would get lost in a daydream and then realized I was going a bit faster than anticipated. I guess it is better to be going faster than expected rather than slower! Then I would slow down for the next mile only to get caught in another day dream and unintentionally pick the pace up again.

Yesterday I printed off a couple different packings lists to ensure I have absolutely everything I need. Once I finish doing the laundry today, I will pack my bags to ensure over the next few days I can double and triple check to ensure I have everything. I will go for a light swim on Monday, and then take Tuesday-Thursday off. Once in Madison on Friday I will get swim in the actual lake, and probably go for a quick jog just to break a sweat and release some nervous energy. I can count on one hand the number of workouts that stand between me and the Ironman!

Mentally and emotionally my theme for the week is; oh yeah! After 23 weeks of training, I am a week away from the race. When I finished my run this morning, I looked at the clock and said, “One week from right now I should be about 800 meters into the swim.” One. Week. Am I nervous? Am I excited? Am I anxious? Am I ready? Oh yeah.

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