Oh no

Last week the theme during my taper was “Oh yeah” as I enjoyed an extra day of rest and my body had a chance to recover from the grueling training I have been going through. This week starts the second week of tapering. As my body slowly begins to recover, I find it all too common for my mind to begin to wonder whether or not the training I have done will be sufficient. With the race so close there truthfully isn’t any more time for me to make any more advances in my fitness. Where I am now fitness wise, is where I will be when I get to the start line.

This past weekend I went out on what was to be an easy and relaxing 6 mile run. For whatever reason, the run was anything but easy. It wasn’t very relaxing. In fact, I think it was one of the worst runs I have had in quite a while. My pace bounced all over the place as did my breathing. I never felt like I got into any kind of rhythm. My nutrition and hydration techniques didn’t seem to be fueling me in any way. At one point during my run I decided to step into some shade, catch my breath, and try to refocus. As I did I couldn’t help but having the thought, “Oh man. If I am struggling to get through this 6 mile run, how in the world am I going to do 26?” I felt as though I was working far too hard to push through one mile at my desired race pace, when I was hit with the not-so encouraging thought of, “yeah, now try doing 25 more!”

Did I train enough? Did I train smart enough? What if I don’t finish in the required times? What if I don’t finish at all? Is it possible that six months of training could be for nothing if I am unable to finish?

This week my workouts take another drastic decrease. Last week the decrease was in time, but the effort stayed the same. This week, both effort and time will drop – leaving me with more down time. It seems as though in those quieter moments the feelings of ‘oh yeah’ are replaced by thoughts of ‘oh no.”

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