Oh yeah

Whenever I am training there are two words that I look forward to being able to state; taper time. After 21 straight weeks of training I have gotten to the final three weeks of training where I have begun to taper as I continue my aim to complete Ironman Wisconsin on September 11.  Over the next three weeks I want to post about three statements that I think accurately reflect the thoughts that flood the mind while tapering;

  1. Oh yeah!
  2. Oh no!
  3. Oh baby!

Throughout the past 21 weeks there have only been two weeks where I took more than one rest day a week (both were due to traveling). So, for the past 19 out of 21 weeks I have trained for at least 6 days a week, most days including more than one workout. Within the past 4-6 weeks my weekly workouts have taken between 17-19 hours per week. For the majority of my training I have had to wake up before 5:00am at least twice a week in order to get in both of my workouts. I cannot remember the last time I slept in past 6:00 on the weekend. My body is tired. My body is sore. My body is excited for a little more rest.

The past three weeks my weekly time commitment to workouts has been; 19 hours, 17 hours and 19 hours. This coming week I will take two rest days and look to log 15-16 hours of working out. While it may not initially seem like a major drop, it is equivalent to; three mid-week runs, or two bike rides, or three sessions in the pool. Add in one extra rest day and take away some of the training, and my body is screaming, “oh yeah!” as I let my body rest and recover from the grind it has been put through over the previous 21 weeks.

On Sunday I finished my long run and immediately came home to hop on the bike. As my watch counted down the final seconds of my workout, I put my hands in the air and started doing a few fist pumps into the air. When the watch read all zeroes, my workout was complete and I exclaimed “Oh yeah! It’s taper time!”

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