Less than two months away

#IMWI Is less than two months away! 52 days to be exact, but it is not as if I am counting or anything. For some odd reason, there was something monumental about reaching the two month countdown for me and I am not entirely sure why. I speculate it is because for me, a normal marathon training period will take roughly four months – and I just completed four months of Ironman training. My satisfaction may also come from knowing that I only have eight weeks of training left, two or three of which will be spent in the ‘taper period.’ Making my remaining training time even less. Six or seven more weeks of training seems doable when I look back and recognize I just completed 16 weeks. For whatever reason, the prospect of having less than eight weeks until the race has been a very welcomed thought.

Over the past week I took a bit of time off from training. While enjoying a road trip to visit family and friends, two workouts a day would have been highly difficult to accomplish. Therefore, before the 10-day trip began, I set the goal of getting in eight workouts during the ten day period. (A bit less than the 18-21 workouts I would normally try to get in during a 10-day stretch) Having the physical break gave my body a chance to recover and regroup after a grueling four month stretch of training. The break was also beneficial mentally as I had a number of workouts in which I wasn’t focusing on gaining, but simply maintaining. The physical and mental break has proven very beneficial as I gear up for the final push toward race day…which is less than two months away…

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