Ironman thoughts

When I began my training part of me thought I would instantly be flooded with all of these earth-shattering thoughts. While the time training has certainly given me ample opportunity to let my mind wander and process through a variety of topics, I haven’t had as many conclusions as I anticipated. That said, there are a few things I feel like I can definitively conclude at this point in my training…

#1. There are days where I love to train.

There is never any rhyme nor reason as to when these days will come, but there are certainly days where I wake up eager to train, excited to work out and ready to push myself. On these days I rarely question why I signed up, but am full of enthusiasm and energy. I envision myself crossing the finish line with a smile on my face, well ahead of my desired goal. I love these days.

#2. There are days where training is the last thing I want to do.

As was the case with #1, I am yet to discover the exact formula that causes these days. On these days I have very little desire to train. Whatever the workout, I struggle through it. The most common phrase running through my mind is, “Why did you think this would be a good idea?” I envision myself getting to the finish line with nothing but pain, agony and disappointment on my face as the clock reads hours past my goal time.

#3. There is a lot of training.

I have trained for and completed 15 marathons…this is a different beast. While training for a marathon one of my favorite feelings was to finish my long run on Sunday morning knowing the week’s work was done and the rest of the afternoon was all about relaxing and recovering. A few Sundays ago I woke up early and got my long run in before going to church. Without realizing it, my mind fell back into marathon training mode and I thought the day’s workouts were done. Then, at a random point in the service (and yes, I was paying attention…I have no idea why my mind began to wander) I had the sudden realization, “I still have to get a bike ride in later today.” With under three months to go, I am getting in two workouts a day, at least five times a week, with each one taking between 90-120 minutes.

Some days I love it, some days it is a chore. But overall, I am loving it and have no regrets about attempting to tackle an Ironman.

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