A book and support

I realize it has been a little while since putting up a blog here, and I apologize about that. However, I hope that the breaking of the silence by this post will bring you some excitement. If you have been following my book’s site over the past few years (or simply click on the tabs; shirts, Larisa’s trip or Katie’s trip you will see that I have a very strong passion for the mission field and for helping those who are on the mission field.

The other day I was out on a run and began praying and thinking through new ways in which to be involved with missionaries. Knowing a good friend of mine, Lexi, is currently raising support to return to the field, I wanted to find a way to help out. After thinking through it on my run and talking with Lexi we would like to put forth the following: For every copy of Footprints of the Unnamed that is sold between Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day – all royalties will go to support Lexi and her ministry in Germany. 
It would be most beneficial for Lexi for you to send me an email and purchase a book through me, rather than an online distributor. Upon receiving an email, I will put one in the mail for you and get it to you as quickly as possible.
Thank you for your support in Footprints of the Unnamed and for supporting Lexi.
For more information about Lexi’s ministry, please click here or here