Three kids, thousands of lives

I really cannot call them “kids” anymore because they are technically adults. But, a part of me will always refer to them in a way as my kids. This past week I received emails from three different former BFA students. That in itself brought joy to my heart but it wasn’t so much the emails I received, but the content of the emails.

These three individuals were sending out blogs and updates from their experiences on the mission field. They have all graduated from college (giving further credit to my inability to still call them kids) and rather than pursuing careers that will provide them financial security, proximity to friends, or a life of familiarity, they have all chosen to offer their lives as a service to others with the hope of bringing the love of Christ with them.

One is in Uganda. One is in Thailand. One is in Southern Sudan. All are ambassadors of the good news of Jesus Christ. It seriously made me so excited and proud to see them following God’s call in this way. Having kept in touch with them since their days at BFA, I know their decision to go was not one that was made on a whim, but one out of obedience for the call God had placed on their heart. I know they are not living lives of ease and nothing but ‘feel-good-stories.’ They have struggles. They have hard days. They have moments where they question whether or not their efforts will produce any fruit. Yet, they all have the Spirit of God with them, living in them, and working through them. As a result they are impacting an untold number of lives.

Three kids, impacting thousands of lives.

Well done.

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