Three kids, thousands of lives

I really cannot call them “kids” anymore because they are technically adults. But, a part of me will always refer to them in a way as my kids. This past week I received emails from three different former BFA students. That in itself brought joy to my heart but it wasn’t so much the emails I received, but the content of the emails.

These three individuals were sending out blogs and updates from their experiences on the mission field. They have all graduated from college (giving further credit to my inability to still call them kids) and rather than pursuing careers that will provide them financial security, proximity to friends, or a life of familiarity, they have all chosen to offer their lives as a service to others with the hope of bringing the love of Christ with them.

One is in Uganda. One is in Thailand. One is in Southern Sudan. All are ambassadors of the good news of Jesus Christ. It seriously made me so excited and proud to see them following God’s call in this way. Having kept in touch with them since their days at BFA, I know their decision to go was not one that was made on a whim, but one out of obedience for the call God had placed on their heart. I know they are not living lives of ease and nothing but ‘feel-good-stories.’ They have struggles. They have hard days. They have moments where they question whether or not their efforts will produce any fruit. Yet, they all have the Spirit of God with them, living in them, and working through them. As a result they are impacting an untold number of lives.

Three kids, impacting thousands of lives.

Well done.

Why I write

The past two weeks have been very encouraging and exciting as family and friends have shown great support and interest in Footprints of the Unnamed. I feel as though the workers at the local post office are quite familiar with my face, as I go in every few days to send off a few more books. Through the busyness of trying to self-promote and ensure I send books off as quickly as possible, I haven’t had much time to slow down and process all that is happening. The other day I received an email from a friend who had ordered a book. I had thanked him for his support and he responded by saying, “I’m so happy to be your friend and to see you pursuing your dreams by writing another book.”

It was humbling and touching to read his heart-felt words. It also brought me a beautiful reminder, I write because I love to write. I write because I feel as though I have something worth saying, and I want that message to be heard. I write with the hope that the words may impact somebody’s life.

Footprints Of The Unnamed is available!

It is with great excitement that I can announce my newest book, Footprints Of The Unnamed, is officially published and available! If you are interested in ordering a copy the easiest way is to email me: and I can send you a copy.

$15.00 for one book, including shipping.

$6.00 for an e-book (I can mail you a business card that has the downloading code and instructions on it)

Thank you for your encouragement, love, and support of Footprints Of The Unnamed. Feel free to share with friends and help spread the message. I have been using the hasthtag #FOTU whenever posting on Facebook or Twitter regarding the book.