Sneak peek

We are not far away at all from the release of the book, Footprints Of The Unnamed In an effort to raise some awareness about the release of the book I have been sporadically tweeting different quotes from the book on Twitter with the hashtag #FOTU I wanted to toss out a few of those sneak-peaks with the hope of creating some momentum for the book:

–       There is no possible way he could have done it on his own. Impossible doesn’t even begin to describe how difficult it would have been for him to accomplish the task without the help of his friends. But that is the key: he had friends.

–       Some may be irked by how much she gave, however she was probably frustrated that she could not give more! She recognized she was sacrificing in order to give a gift to Jesus because Jesus had sacrificed himself for her.

–       John subtly throws in a hint within his first few words that this is going to be an incredible miracle because Jesus is going to give life to that which was dead.

–       By stopping and paying attention to her, Jesus not only spoke to and healed this woman, but he is speaking to all of his children. Regardless of the sins she had committed, she was significant to Jesus.

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