Manuscript submitted.

After a few months of writing and many months of editing, I have finally come to the place where the manuscript is finalized and submitted! It is certainly a relief and a weight off my shoulders to have reached this point. I am beyond grateful for those who have encouraged me and helped me edit – it is clear to me this was not an individual effort, but the work of a few people who poured in many, many hours.

There is still some work to be done as the entire publishing process is not complete, but having the manuscript submitted is a massive step toward a finished product. There is no official release date set at this point, but I am hopeful it will be available for purchase in the next two to three months.
Now that the manuscript is submitted and the road toward publication is more in sight, I hope to pour some energy into spreading the word about the book. As is the case with Running Through Life, I have not mastered the ability to feel comfortable self-promoting. If anyone has any insight or tips please feel free to pass those along. As mentioned in an earlier post (see here) I am going to try and use the hashtag #FOTU on Twitter to create some momentum regarding the book.
Thanks for all of the support and encouragement! I hope you get excited for a good read coming this fall.

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