Email from a friend

Over the past few months I have continued to work extremely diligently on getting my next book to the point where it is ready to be published. While I have been working on the writing specifically for around ten months, the idea behind the book has been on my heart for a few years. In fact, the original run that sparked the idea happened while living in Germany several years ago. In my last year in Germany I had the opportunity to speak at chapel and I shared about that particular run and the idea of leaving a footprint behind. While I did not know it at the time, it was the beginning of the journey that would bring me to the point of writing the book. The other day I got the following email from a student who was in chapel the day I shared a few years ago. I found the email extremely exciting and challenging, and wanted to share it below:

Hey Tommy!

How’s it going? I thought of you the other day because you love your footprint analogy, like thinking about how we impact people, knowingly and unknowingly and I had a moment the other day that was a perfect example of that! It really made the whole idea real for me.

So I was in a class that is essentially like an intro to professional practice class and we were practicing interviews with each other. Half the class left and waited until their name was called by another classmate and then it switched and the other half went out. Well I interviewed a girl and then after, I went out and, slightly nervous, waited to be called.

This guy comes out and calls me and I say “hi” and introduce myself and whatnot as we walk back to the classroom. Well then he tells me that we’ve met before. I rack my brain but his face did not look familiar at all!

He tells me we had lunch together with his friend last semester. Apparently I had just sat down randomly with them because the cafeteria was so full. Still, I remembered nothing. This is probably because I had done this multiple times last semester haha, you know me.

<<< “HEY can I sit with you?? I’m _____ and I need a place to sit.” >>> Maybe something like that.

Anyways! After him telling me more I did recall the specific time because I had sat down by his friend and we had eaten in silence for about five minutes before this guy Troy came back from getting food and joined us, and that was rather funny.

The point is, this guy Troy remembered me. He remembered my face. He remembered I was interesting (when I ask him “how I was interesting” he said because of the fact I had just sat down randomly with them) and I realized, that without even trying or thinking about it, I had left a footprint.

And that made me think, “Wow, I really can make an impact, even a small one in just these little interactions that I quickly forget. They can be important. What kind of impact/impression am I making? Thankfully this one was a good one but can I use these moments, or rather, let God use these moments to further the kingdom of God and let others see even a brief glimpse of his love and glory?”

So then I thought of you. I’ve always liked the analogy you presented and the idea of it but I think this was the first time I really saw it in action in my life. It was pretty exciting.

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