There is generally very little thought that goes into what shirt I will wear when I head out for a run. I basically ask myself two questions, Is it going to keep me warm enough? Is it clean? The first needs to be a yes, the second can go either way. However recently I have found myself purposefully selecting shirts I received from a previous marathon for one simple reason, when I run I can see my reflection.

Due to sub-par temperatures and conditions (translation: I’m turning into a wimp) the majority of my runs have been on a treadmill. I quickly found it was annoying to turn on the TV in front of the treadmill, so I always turn it off. After doing this, I noticed I could see my reflection in the TV screen – however, it is basically only my chest I can see. With that in mind recently I have chosen shirts from previous marathons so I can view the reflection of my shirt and see the marathon logo. As I am running I will see my reflection and it offers moments of deep thought.

I think about the past, How did I run during the marathon on my shirt, and how am I currently running compared to the marathon on my shirt? I look at my shirt and think about the present, how am I doing in my training right now? I think about the future, how will my current day’s training preparing me for my next race and the next shirt I will get? My reflection also gives me a little bit of competition as I sit there and ask, “Am I proud of the way I am running?” It has also provided me with a question to answer once I am off the treadmill, “Am I proud of the way I am living my life?”

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