Training continues

After my fifth marathon last year I knew it was time for a break. My body needed it after I asked it to tally more than 1,500 miles in a matter of eleven months. But even more than my body needing rest, my mind needed rest. From January 1, 2014 I committed to training harder than I had ever trained before, and the work paid off. In 2014 I tallied my greatest number of miles, most marathons in a year, and even set a PR in two different marathons. So by the end of marathon number five, my mind needed a break.

As the year has gotten underway I have once again begun training for more marathons. The six-week break from training proved immensely beneficial as I have found a renewed sense of energy and passion in my training. I have been able to train hard, and train often. Three weeks into the year and I feel as though I have caught a great running groove. It took me a little while to get my legs back under me – but I once again had the mental determination to fight for the results I want. At times resting is a part of training, and the six weeks of ‘training’ I took at the end of 2014 were very much needed, and appreciated.

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