When the soccer season ended on October 9 a lot of people asked me, “what are you going to do with all your new found free time?” The question was valid as I was instantly given at least three more hours every day to fill however I desired. My quick response to the question was, “run and write.” That was a bit of a falsified answer because I had been running on a regular basis the whole year so it wasn’t as if running was something new I was adding to my schedule. Though the writing portion was something that had not been a daily occurrence for me and I was eager to make it one. As mentioned in a previous blog post (which you can read by clicking here) I am in the process of writing another book. With that in mind since soccer ended I have dedicated a few hours every day to working on the book. My research began over the summer but once the season ended I was able to focus more heavily on the research aspect. For the rest of October I spent multiple hours every day doing research and trying to organize all the different thoughts that were running through my mind. I wanted everything to be neatly organized and laid out so that when I started writing I could benefit from all the research that had been done. When November 1st rolled around, I began writing on a daily basis and as of this evening I have reached the 50,000 word mark and have completed the initial rough draft of the manuscript. My goal is to finish with a manuscript with 20 chapters and somewhere between 50,000 and 60,000 words, so after finishing the 20th chapter today I am right where I want to be.

I remember the day I completed the rough draft of the manuscript that would later turn into Running Through Life my dad looked at me and said, “congratulations, a third of the work is done!” I didn’t initially believe him, but soon found his words to be true as I quickly realized how much work was yet to be done throughout the editing process.

Though there is still a lot of work ahead of me, I am taking the evening to celebrate the work that has been accomplished thus far. I am excited about what has been written and am eager to go back through everything and try to make it better. For a few years I knew I was going to get the itch to write a second book, but wasn’t going to do it until I knew it was coming from my heart. This has been a project that has come from my heart and taught me a lot in the process. It has been a journey that has enriched my life and opened my eyes to the amazing nuggets of truth in the Scriptures. It has forced me to see Jesus in a new way, which has helped me fall in love with him all over again.  I hope one day the words of this book will find you and you will be able to say the same.

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