A few more days.

Last week was filled with distractions that kept me from thinking about the race. I feel as though that has drastically changed this week as the race is on my mind a lot more. Sometimes that can be a good thing, as it forces me to make sure I have everything in order for race day. Yet, at the same time doubts that creep in can be a whirlwind of annoyance. The past few nights I have not slept particularly well as the race enters my mind as I drift off to sleep. Despite some of the things making this week mentally difficult, I find myself getting more and more excited. Truthfully I think some of the excitement is more anxiousness, as I simply want to know how the race will go and whether or not I meet my goals. On the other hand, I simply love to run, and not logging many miles over the past two weeks has been annoying – so I am looking forward to getting out there and being able to run again.

In continuing with what I did last week, I wanted to re-post a blog I wrote about a previous marathon. This was my third marathon overall, and even though it was my slowest to date, it remains my favorite marathon I have run. It was the most physically painful, emotionally difficult and mentally grueling – yet it still brings back many positive and encouraging memories. Roughly a month before the race a close friend passed away, and the emotions brought on by his passing were overwhelming. The one thing stronger than the hurt, was the love of Christ through the community that surrounded me. The race seemed to symbolize; the community. The joys. The challenges. The perseverance. The encouragement. The friends. The triumph.
I am still so grateful for the role that so many played in making that such a great race.
Read about the day by clicking here.
Just a few more days until the race…

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