Feeling it.

On some of my recent runs I have allowed the following question to stroll through my mind, “If you were running a marathon right now, what mile do you feel like you are at?” The answer is right around mile 21. At that point you are definitely pretty far into the race, and you are nearing the end however, even though there are only five miles left… they can be a very grueling five miles. 

In recent days and recent runs, I have been feeling like I am at mile 21. Close to the end, but still with a grueling section ahead of me. With the two marathons I ran in the spring, and the one I am currently gearing up for, I have been training for virtually all of 2014. I have logged over 1,000 miles, yet still have at least one (hopefully two) 20 mile runs to get in before my next race. There is a lot behind me, but still a few more long runs to conquer before (at least) two more marathons in the fall. I can feel it. But, at this point in the race it is about perseverance. 

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