August Update

As I have been doing at the beginning of every month, below is a list of my goals for 2014, and my progress so far: 



1.Books: I have sold a total of 72 books, leaving 53 to go!

2.Shirts: 10 sold.

3. Miles: I have run a total of 1,084, leaving me with 116 to go before reaching my goal. I could reach my goal within the next three weeks! 

4. I have run two marathons so far in 2014, at least two more (most likely three)

5. In those two marathons I ran a 3:16 and a 3:22 (rounded times) for an average of 3:19, one minute faster than my goal! I will run my next marathon on September 14, and am feeling really good about my training and the amount of work I have put in to the race. Only three more long runs, and then I start to taper. 

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