At the start of 2014, I made a bet with a friend about how many miles I would run in the next 365 days. Every Sunday I have sent an email with how many miles I ran that week. I also tallied the previous weeks, and knew how many miles I had traveled so far in 2014, and how many miles I had left to reach my goal.

Yesterday I eclipsed the 1,000 mark, leaving me with 200 miles left. As long as I stay healthy, I should have no problem reaching my goal of 1,200. In fact, I could do it in the next month. As I ran past the 1,000 mile mark, I felt a sense of accomplishment. Last night, I took a few moments to reflect on all the miles and felt proud of what I had accomplished. Today, it was as if I was back at mile number one, and I truly enjoyed that feeling. I took a few moments to celebrate, then got right back to work and wanted to chip away at the remaining miles.

The next 200 miles will take me to the starting line of my next marathon, which I have been working extremely hard for, and am hopeful to put up a PR. That, will be the ultimate celebration.

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