Running slump

It’s not uncharacteristic to hear about a professional baseball player who is going through a ‘hitting slump’ where they simply cannot seem to make contact with the ball like normal. Or, perhaps it is a basketball player going through a ‘shooting slump’ who cannot find his normal shooting touch. At the moment, I feel as though I am in the middle of a ‘running slump.’ The miles I have been putting on are normal distances, and relatively normal terrain. However, I have been having far greater difficulty than I would prefer with most of my runs. A certain split that I would deem easy and ‘normal’ has recently been difficult and left me out of breath. After what should be a normal and easy run leaves me tired – there is a growing impatience and frustration. Fearing I might be losing some of the fitness I have worked so hard to achieve, I quickly began replaying everything I have done, everywhere I have gone, everything I have eaten, hoping something would provide justification for my running slump. 

Today, I felt as though I had that “a ha” moment: In the past three weeks I have been on seven planes, I have slept in 8 different places, driven over 1,000 miles, and have gone for runs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Pacific Ocean. During that time runs were consistent, yet sporadic. One day it was early in the morning because I had to fly later in the day. The next day it was a mid-afternoon run because jetlag had done a number on my sleep patterns.

When the baseball player goes through a hitting slump he is told to keep swinging, and the basketball player is told to keep shooting. Eventually things will start clicking again. Therefore, the times may not be where I want them to be, and the trail may not be as easy-going as it normally is, but I will keep lacing up the shoes and put in the miles. Only 79 more days until #10!

Five continents.

About a month ago I sent a copy of the book to a friend of mine who happens to live in Africa. After hearing the news that it got there safely, I began to think about all the different countries (that I know of) where someone has a copy of the book. After going through a list in my head, I realized there were five different continents where the book currently is. Blown away by that, and highly encouraged, I contacted somebody I know in each of those continents and asked them to take a picture of the book with a flag or scarf from their country that would identify their country/continent.

Below is a collage of those pictures.


June 1 update


On January 1st, 2014 I came up with the following goals and on the first of the month want to post an update on how they are coming along… 
1. I have sold a total of 59 books, leaving me with 66 more to go. Almost halfway!
2. I have sold 9 shirts. 
3. I have totaled 715 miles so far this year, leaving me with only 485 left. Feeling really good about this one. 
4. I have run two marathons so far in 2014, at least two more (most likely three)
5. In those two marathons I ran a 3:16 and a 3:22 (rounded times) for an average of 3:19, one minute faster than my goal!