Unprecedented determination.


One week from today I will be competing in my ninth marathon. It is a real quick turn around from number eight, and that is by design. I am hoping to be able to get two races in, without having to go through the rigorous training regimen twice. It sounds great on paper, but I’m not entirely sure how my body will respond.

In the two weeks since my last race I do feel as though my legs have recovered quickly, and recovered well. I was able to go out and get a solid run in four days after my marathon. Since then, I have had a decent balance of rest but also getting miles as needed. The biggest struggle has been a mental battle. I know I need to continue to rest and recover, but a large part of me is itching to hit the trails and get going full-speed. The taper period is never easy for me. At times it is hard to remember that resting, is a very important part to training. 

A very discouraging thing for me, is that within the past 24 hours I have picked up a bit of a bug that has left me feeling very weak, tired, and flu-ish. Perhaps this is a good thing, as it has forced me to be a lot less active than normal. But, it is also disheartening as I try to rev up for my next race, and find that walking a flight of stairs is giving me a little bit of a fit. 

With that in mind, I feel as though the mantra I have accepted for #9 is quite fitting; unprecedented determination. As mentioned in previous posts, this past winter was dreadful for training. Each run I went on required a lot of determination and discipline. From the beginning of the year I had my goals laid out and I knew what I wanted to accomplish. Never before had I felt so determined and so unwavering in my attempt to conquer 1,200+ miles in a year, and four marathons (with my times averaging 3:20). In order to accomplish those things, it was going to take unprecedented determination. 

As I sit down today, one week away from my second marathon of the year, and ninth overall, I am excited to take a few more steps toward accomplishing my goals. Knowing my body is perhaps a little tired from setting a marathon PR two weeks ago, and battling a bug, I can only look forward and know that one thing will help me find success a week from today: unprecedented determination. 

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