Running Partners Part Three

“Wow. This is really easy! We’re already at mile 18 and I feel as fresh as I did as when we started.” When my mom said those words to me it took a lot of energy to keep my mouth shut and let her comment just roll off my back. Her words were full of good intention, but the timing was just a bit off. Even with an ill-timed statement on her part, I was extremely grateful for her presence as my running partner that day. Plus, it gave us quite the memory that we laugh about to this day. 

As long as I can remember my mom was willing to go out in the front yard and throw a baseball with me in order to help me practice for little league. As I grew older and my interest in baseball faded and my passion for soccer increased, she would welcome the opportunity to toss a soccer ball to me as I completed different drills. As my soccer playing was being deposited into the memory bank, my mom was looking to once again help me in any way possible. This time around she rode her bike next to me as I took off for a long run. 
Sometimes you are fortunate enough to have running partners that will walk through several different aspects of life with you. Those individuals who are willing to give of themselves in whatever way they can, in order to help you reach your goals. Those are running partners you want to be by your side during your race. 

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