Running Partners. Part Two.

Going off of the theme I introduced last week, I wanted to continue the theme of running partners. 

While living in Germany I had the amazing opportunity to be a part of an unofficial running club. Truthfully, I don’t know when it started, or who started it, but over a period of time a group of us began a community of runners. We all had different experiences, different paces, and different desired outcomes. In retrospect, there were few runs that we all went on together (if any). Yet we all still felt as though we were a part of the community. We would run the same races, have pasta parties together in the days leading up to the race(s) and be there for each other as we crossed the finish line. 

Though the runs together were few and far between, this is the greatest running community I have been a part of. I think it provided such a beautiful description of what community is; people of different backgrounds, holding different talents and skills, coming together to encourage one another and make each other better. 

Those in our running group continually gave me encouragement and support, which is something I am extremely grateful for. I can still vividly remember the encouragement I received one morning when going out for a run at 6.00am when it was dark and below freezing outside. It was a dreadful run where I had very little motivation to get out and run – but knew I needed to in order to stay disciplined in my training. As I was coming up on the second mile of my run, I could see three figures in the distance, also running. It turned out to be some in our community. Seeing them up and early with me gave me the encouragement I needed on that cold and dreary morning. 

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