Running Memories

It often happens with a familiar song, a favorite taste, or perhaps a scent. When you least expect it you start to smell a scent that instantly jogs a memory and takes you back to a different time and/or a different place. Without much warning you are flooded with memories and emotions that have been dormant for months or years.

A few nights ago I found myself having one of these flashbacks. Yet the interesting thing is that it was not a song, a scent, or a taste that triggered the memories…it was a run. I truly wasn’t expecting this because running is something I do so frequently that it seemed odd that one particular run would stand out among all the others. But what really struck me was the time at which I ran, and the weather while I was running.

More often than not I take off for a run shortly after getting home from work, especially as the sun is starting to set earlier now days. I like to get out before dinner and prior to any nightly plans starting. Plus, it is a nice way to release any stress I may have carried home from work. Things did not pan out for me in this way and so I had to take off later than normal. The sun was just setting as I left, and was completely down by the time I got back. And the whole time it felt like I was running down memory lane.

Last winter in Germany, I got into the habit of running a few nights a week around 7.30pm. Due to other commitments (and no desire to run at 6.00am before work!) it generally proved to be an ideal time to run. It was always dark, yet commonly the moon’s light would reflect off of the snow, providing me adequate light. It was cold, but not frigid. Warm enough that you could still break a sweat, yet cold enough that the sweat would soon turn your hair to icicles. Those have become some of my favorite runs.

The other day as I was running…the weather was pretty similar, and the time of day was the same. It brought back so many memories of those evening runs. It was highly unexpected, but a great surprise. 

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