Not alone

Yesterday morning the clock said 6:15 and the temperature said it was 33 degrees out. Due to a busy schedule during the day, it was the only opportunity I would have to get in my miles. Still not completely awake I emerged from my warm covers, and was soon out the door for a run. As I was walking to my starting point I was overcome with a bizarre sense of discouragement. Things were flooding my mind and I was trying to process through them all – but one thought kept coming back, “You are alone in your training.” I didn’t want to believe it, because I have enjoyed company on a number of runs, but something inside me was struggling to shrug it off as a completely false statement. With this battle raging in my mind and heart I began my run feeling lonely and alone. 

Thankfully that feeling did not last for too long. As I began jogging down what has become my usual trail, I could see three other people on the path. From a distance I could not identify who it was, or exactly what they were doing (it’s still not completely light at 6:15). Yet as I got closer and closer to them, I could tell that they too were running. Then, as I was coming up behind them, I realized it was three of my colleagues. We exchanged a brief “good morning” and continued on our separate ways. It was a brief encounter, but it was such a refreshing one. 

I was not the only one who awoke early to get a run in. I was not the only one forced to run in the cold temperatures. I was not the only one training for a race on April 7. I was no longer alone. I was no longer feeling lonely. We didn’t really talk as we passed, and I haven’t seen any of them since. Yet, their training inspired me and filled me with encouragement. Their dedication and commitment spurred me on. Their presence reminded me that I am not alone. Which is a reminder my heart was in need of that morning. 

KC, MT, RB, thanks for the encouragement and reminder. 

PS. I did a longer run tonight and my trail brought me right to the doorstep of one of our school’s dorms. Knowing I was going to pass by, someone had put out a glass of water and this note. Another bit of encouragement that was greatly appreciated.