Worth Every Penny


Lately in Germany the weather has been pretty terrible for running. It has hovered right around freezing meaning it’s either snowing, raining, or some odd combination of the two. It hasn’t been cold enough for the snow to accumulate that much on the road, but enough that the roads are slippery in spots and wet enough that puddles form (and if you step in the puddles as I did tonight…they are filled with COLD water!)

This past Christmas I anticipated having to run in some frigid temperatures so I purchased a pair of running pants similar to the ones pictured above. All I can say is that they were worth every penny. They are quite comfortable, but above all they keep my legs warm. I feel like my legs are the warmest part of my body and I rarely feel any cold on my legs. I realize they may be a little goofy looking for some, but I don’t really care what I look like as long as I am warm. 

So if you are trying to get some runs in during the cold winter months, I highly encourage you to invest in some great running pants. You won’t regret it. 


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