A renewed running spirit


As mentioned in a recent post I am in the early stages of training for another marathon. Even though this will be the fifth race I plan to tackle, the training has been very different this time around. I am still bothered by a knee that doesn’t seem to want to fully heal, I am training in the cold German winter, and I am training on top of a full work schedule and coaching. Yet, more than any previous attempts so far I have hada much renewed spirit while training.

I think this is mainly due to the fact that I have the mindset to simply go out and have fun. I have a target time of 3:30 compared to previous races where I was staring down a sub 3:00 or a 3:10 at worst. Giving myself those extra 20-30 minutes has helped my training be quite enjoyable, despite the cold temperatures and many early morning runs.

For previous races throughout my training I have established a running mantra I would focus on during my runs. This time around I wrote the key words on the back of my running shoes. I’ve always been a fan of writing words on my shoes, I’m not sure why I enjoy it or find it motivating, but for many years it has become something I have done. For this race I wrothe two words alongside the date of the race; “run” and “worship.” Run was written to remind me to go out and enjoy the ability I have to run. It is a reminder to relax, not worry about a time and just enjoy it. To help emphasize this, many of my runs have been done without wearing a watch, which is a big step for me. Worship was written to remind me to see running as an opportunity to worship. A chance to get away from the stress and worries of the day. A time to refocus my mind and heart, to pray, and spend time with God. These words are visual reminders every time I lace up my shoes for a run, and are helping me complete my training with a renewed spirit.

Thanks for checking in on the blog today. Next Wednesday I hope to have Katie write a post and give you an update on the plans for her trip to Bangladesh. It’s something you will definitely want to read!


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