Here we go again.

I have officially begun a new training regimen with the goal of completing my fifth marathon on April 7, 2013 in Freiburg, Germany. Coming off the release of the book I have found myself with a fresh perspective and a rejuvenated spirit that is excited about training and tackling the challenge of training for and running 26.2 miles. 

Though I am openly talking about the marathon, I have yet to finalize my registration. The main reason is because lately I have been bothered by a bad knee. It has been a bit discouraging and frustrating, but I am convinced I can push through the initial pain and be prepared. Though the injury is a bit of a setback, I am also seeing it as a blessing. Throughout my training so far, I have not been worried about my pace. I am concentrating on getting my miles in, and am letting the time be what it is. This training and this marathon is all about being relaxed and enjoying the experience. Maybe I will go out and run a PR, maybe I will go out and run my slowest time ever. My mentality as of now is to not worry about a time, and simply enjoy it. In past races I have placed a lot of pressure on myself, and am feeling excited about not doing that this time around. 

The major downside to a spring marathon, and many others will empathize with me here… training is tough. I do not have access to a treadmill, so all my runs are outside; through the snow, in the wind, in the cold. The sun sets daily before I am home from work – so my runs are done in the early morning, when I would much rather still be in bed. But, at the end of the day it is absolutely fine with me. This is going to be a fun marathon with no expectations. 

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