Two weeks later and almost at 100.

After how much time it took to get the book published, it seems a bit odd to say it, but the book has officially been available for two weeks now. Seeing as how today marks the two week mark, I thought it would be a good opportunity to put up a new post. 

As of this morning we have sold 87 books! I am blown away by that fact and extremely happy with the amount of encouragement and positive feedback I have received. What is amazing to me is that I have yet to sell any books to those in Germany. I believe I have a good number of friends and students in Germany who will help boost that number and offer their support. So, to be at 87 already, is pretty big in my opinion. In the past few months I was commonly asked “how many copies do you hope to sell?” My response was always, “100.” Why 100?

First of all, it seems like a nice even number. Something that rolls off the tongue easily and quickly. It also seemed like a good goal. I thought I could reach 100, but I didn’t think it was something I was guaranteed to do. Obtainable, but not easy. Therefore my sights have always been on 100. 

Yet, even while I look at the number 100, my heart is a bit torn. This project, this idea, was never about how many books would sell. My goals have never including reaching the NY Times Best Sellers list. Writing a book has always been something I have desired to do. It has always been something I thought would be a good challenge (and it certainly was!). I had an idea, I had the desire, and I set out to accomplish my goal. To me, the beautiful thing is not that a certain number of books have been sold, but the sole fact that a book has been published.

As I continued to work on the book, I realized how much I was pouring my heart into it. The “lightbulb moment” came when I was talking to my close friend, Ross about the book. We were chatting about chapter #6 and after reading a portion of it Ross said to me, “This book came from your heart.” After hearing him say that, I couldn’t help but agree. With that in mind, this book has become something I am very proud of. It was a labor of love. 

I am proud of what has been accomplished. I believe in what is said through the book. I believe in supporting Katie and her trip. I am excited for all that has happened with the book in the past two weeks – and look forward to what is ahead. However copies get sold is irrelevant to me, the greatest thing is that the book is now a reality, and available. 


I found out today that the book is NOW available in E-Book format. Click the “order” tab above to find a link to where you can purchase and download the E-Book version.

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