Get ready!

Last time I posted we were doing the first shots for the trailer movie. Since then, we have completed all the filming and are now in the editing stage. It was quite an enjoyable new experience for me. One afternoon I got together with a few others and they had multiple cameras pointed at me, lights angled just right, and the whole nine yards. It was rather intimidating at first but overall I really enjoyed it. The beautiful thing is I didn’t have to practice any lines or get anything “just right.” In fact, I don’t know that we ever did a re-take in the entire process. The whole time I was simply talking from my heart. That made it quite easy, and very enjoyable to do. Right now we are in the process of condensing the video and putting everything together. Hopefully in the next couple of days we will have a finished product! 

The biggest news though, is that I sent in the final manuscript with all the necessary paperwork. It looks like we are just over three weeks away from the book’s release! I am getting excited and ready for everything to be finalized. Get ready!! 

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