A few weeks away

Thanks for coming and checking out the website for the book Running Through Life: Reflections from 26.2 Miles. There has been an incredible amount of work poured into the book as well as this website. It is hard to fathom all of that work will soon pay off as the book is officially published. It is my (Tommy) desire that those reading this are fully aware that there have been so many people working together on this project. This is in no way something done solely by me, it is the work of a combination of people who have pooled their talents and resources together to bring you this book. I am very grateful for everyone who has given of their time and talents to make this dream a reality. It is my intention to update the blog from time to time with information regarding the book, news regarding running, as well as other things on my mind and heart. Please spend some time on the website looking at the different pages and the different information provided. Please do not hesitate to leave a comment and let me know you were here. If you have pictures from when you ran a marathon, or of you with the book, I would love to add those to a slideshow so feel free to send those along. Thanks for checking us out! 

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