Almost there

Everything on my end is done, now we are just waiting for the final touches. I received word yesterday that the printer has sent a copy of the book to the publishing company for approval. Once the publishing company approves the copy it will take roughly one more week until the book is available for purchase. I am hopeful the book will be approved sometime during this next week, meaning we are still aiming for December 15 as the date at which the book will be available.

In one sense it seems hard to fathom we are this close. I have been working on this book for nearly two years. At times it has seemed like the project would never end and there was always another hurdle to overcome. Yet, I am beginning to anticipate more and more the completion and the excitement, joy and sense of accomplishment I will soon feel.

We are almost there.

Get ready!

Last time I posted we were doing the first shots for the trailer movie. Since then, we have completed all the filming and are now in the editing stage. It was quite an enjoyable new experience for me. One afternoon I got together with a few others and they had multiple cameras pointed at me, lights angled just right, and the whole nine yards. It was rather intimidating at first but overall I really enjoyed it. The beautiful thing is I didn’t have to practice any lines or get anything “just right.” In fact, I don’t know that we ever did a re-take in the entire process. The whole time I was simply talking from my heart. That made it quite easy, and very enjoyable to do. Right now we are in the process of condensing the video and putting everything together. Hopefully in the next couple of days we will have a finished product! 

The biggest news though, is that I sent in the final manuscript with all the necessary paperwork. It looks like we are just over three weeks away from the book’s release! I am getting excited and ready for everything to be finalized. Get ready!! 


Tomorrow we will begin the initial filming for our promotional video! I am really excited about this as well as a bit nervous. I have not spent a lot of time in front of a camera and the thought of it kind of intimidates me. Recently I have done a few interviews on film, and I don’t feel as though I look very natural when doing them. However, something about this video is getting me really excited. I have been brainstorming the idea for a couple weeks now, which has been an exhilarating process.

A little while ago I dropped by the communications office at my school and pitched the idea of making a promotional video to Jonathan. He was thrilled about the video and was glad to help me through the process and do whatever was necessary to make my dream become a reality. So for the past few weeks we have been meeting, and emailing back and forth. I went to him with the big picture vision, and the heart behind the video, and he has helped produce a clearer focus and idea. Along the way I have seen the idea mature and develop into something I am proud of and thrilled about. This video is another example of how so many have rallied around this project and made it into something amazing. I am blessed by the way in which others are freely giving of their time and talents to assist. Jonathan has not only been the point person and my “artistic guru” he has also gone out and recruited two others to help with the filming, and production.

While I will most likely get a bit nervous while talking in front of the camera, and will feel a bit out of my comfort zone, I am excited. I am excited because this is an opportunity for me to share my heart and speak about something I have poured a lot into. I don’t have any lines memorized and won’t be reading from a script. I will be speaking from my heart. When I think about it, that in itself is a very clear reflection of the book, as I believe the pages of this book came from my heart.

A few weeks away

Thanks for coming and checking out the website for the book Running Through Life: Reflections from 26.2 Miles. There has been an incredible amount of work poured into the book as well as this website. It is hard to fathom all of that work will soon pay off as the book is officially published. It is my (Tommy) desire that those reading this are fully aware that there have been so many people working together on this project. This is in no way something done solely by me, it is the work of a combination of people who have pooled their talents and resources together to bring you this book. I am very grateful for everyone who has given of their time and talents to make this dream a reality. It is my intention to update the blog from time to time with information regarding the book, news regarding running, as well as other things on my mind and heart. Please spend some time on the website looking at the different pages and the different information provided. Please do not hesitate to leave a comment and let me know you were here. If you have pictures from when you ran a marathon, or of you with the book, I would love to add those to a slideshow so feel free to send those along. Thanks for checking us out!